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People searching for event venues and services find you on Eventective–for virtually any type of event
Connect directly with potential customers–by email, messaging, phone or in person. Build templates to help provide fast responses!
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Work directly with your customer to work out the pricing, details. We don’t charge a commission.
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Eventective gives you the same features, whether you’re on a desktop, tablet, or smart phone. Instantly see new referrals and leads, and respond to them with one click. Our free CRM and messaging tools make it easy for you to be on top of all your sales leads—no matter where you are.

Mobile friendly web app:
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Courtesy (Free)
  • Unlimited videos
  • Unlimited photos
  • Free referrals
  • Affordable Monthly Payment
  • Metro-Wide Exposure
  • Can Buy and Refund Leads
  • Low all-inclusive price
  • Visible across metro/region
  • All leads are free
  • Top Metro Placement
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Access to all leads for free
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Frequently Asked Questions
Eventective ranks very highly with the major search engines for event-related search terms. The vast majority of our visitors come as a result of searching for a place or a service for their event. Try it out! Use Google or Bing to search for “event venues in “ or “places to have a party in “ or “wedding venues in “ your city and see how we do!
Unlike some other sites, Eventective provides you with all of the contact information for your potential customer. Most people planning events with us provide their phone number, and there is always an email address. In addition to using your phone or email to contact them directly, Eventective provides a messaging system that allows you to track your interaction with each of your potential customers.
A lead is a person planning an event in your area that has not reached out to you directly, but has asked to hear from event-related businesses in their area. A referral is a person planning an event that found your business on Eventective, and is asking to hear back from you directly. Referrals are always free whether you are a courtesy profile or in a subscription; leads are available to subscribers only.
Our primary goal with your profile is to make sure we represent your business properly to people planning events on Eventective. Courtesy profiles include a description, unlimited photos and videos, package pricing, links to your phone number and your website, and more!
Since one size does not always fit all, we have three types of products designed to meet the needs of the different event businesses on Eventective. Not only are our products flexible, but our payment plans are as well. Our Enhanced and Premium subscription plans provide the ability for you to pay monthly, quarterly, or annually to get unlimited traffic. With our Platinum product, you get top metro placement and all benefits included in the overall cost—limited positions per metro.
If the subscription program isn’t satisfying your needs as our customer for any reason, we simply charge a $25 cancellation fee to terminate your annual commitment. This sets us apart from some other online businesses that will not let you out of an annual agreement - for any reason. For subscribers buying leads, any leads that are unresponsive or cancel their event are candidates for a complete refund toward the purchase of future leads.
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